We are promoting positive legislative, health policy, social and psychological changes to improve the quality of life of PLWHA in Latvia – their emotional and physical well-being, medical care and full integration into society.

Strategic objectives

We are pursuing our mission by focusing on four strategic objectives:

1/reduction of stigmatization and self-stigmatization in both the negative and HIV-positive parts of society;

2/ promotion of comprehensive HIV testing and counselling;

3/ raising awareness of HIV as a chronic, well-controlled infectious disease;

4/ prevention of the spread of HIV infection and its harm reduction.

Our activities

1) provision of social and psychological support to PLWHA and their relatives;

2) integration of PLWHA into society;

3) improvement the life quality of PLWHA and advocacy of their interests in state institutions;

4) implementation of the initiatives reducing the spread of HIV infection and AIDS, active participation in the HIV/AIDS policy-making process and development;

5) raising HIV/AIDS awareness and understanding among the population of Latvia (both – HIV positive and HIV negative);

6) cooperation with local, regional and international HIV/AIDS organizations.

Please, find out more about our history, accomplishments and traditions within 25 years period (1993 – 2018) here .